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Xavi Biography, Age, Family, and Net Worth

The player is commonly known as Xavi. Currently, he is the FC Barcelona manager. He was born on January 25, 1980, raised in Spain and played for the Spanish Football Team for a long time. He is also regarded as the best midfielder in the world.

Xavi’s height and weight 

Xavi is only 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and the weight of the Spanish player is 68 kg. He was famous for the plays he made while he was on the pitch, and fans loved his style. He had a long career at FC Barcelona and considered it a family.

Xavi Early Life

Xavi belongs to a family involved in football. Joaquim (Xavi’s Father) was a former professional footballer, and Xavi got most of his skills from his father. The passion for the game shaped Xavi’s interest, and at a very young age, he joined the U-12 team. He made his debut after joining La Masia in 1998. Xavi played 767 matches for FC Barcelona and scored 85 goals.

He won his first La Liga title in 1998. The style of Xavi on field increased his following over the course of a few years of his stay at FC Barcelona. In 2015, Xavi announced that he was leaving FC Barcelona to join the Qatari football club Al-Sadd.

He played for the next couple of years, and in 2019, he announced his retirement from football and joined the Al-Sadd club as a manager. In 2021, he returned to FC Barcelona, but this time as a manager.

He also had the chance to pick up eight La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies.

Xavi’s International Career with the Spain National Team

He was captain of the Spanish under-20 team, and the under-20 team won the youth world cup in 1999. In 2000, he led the team and won a silver medal at the International Olympic Games in Sydney. After these two spectacular wins, Xavi was promoted to Spain’s senior squad. In the 2002 World Cup match, Xavi was included in the team but did not get the chance to play. He was sitting on the bench.

Xavi’s first success was at the international Euro Cup in 2008. This was Spain’s first big win in the last 44 years, and Xavi was also nominated as player of the tournament. Later in 2010, the Spanish team won the world cup, and the Spanish defender Xavi helped the team to win the world cup.

This was the first World Cup win for the Spanish national team. The winning streak continued for the team in the Euro Cup of 2012; Spain also won this year.

Xavi retired from international football after the loss to the Spanish team in the 2014 World Cup.

Xavi Family

His father (Joaqun Hernández Garca) was a professional football player and played for many teams during his career. He was wealthy, and Xavi had a perfect life in the early days. His father was a football player rather than a manager and acted as a motivator and mentor for his son.

Maria Mercè Creus is Xavi’s mother. The player says that his mother played a crucial role in his success. She motivated Xavi to play for Barcelona. Maria told his son: “You should play for and succeed at FC Barcelona.

The Spanish player has five siblings: one sister and four brothers.

Ariadna Hernández (sister)

Dianalaura Hernández (brother)

Oscar Hernandez (brother)

Alex Hernandez (brother)

Dianalaura Hernández (brother)

Xavi’s relationship status 

Many online news articles and reports state that Puyol and Xavi fall in love with Nuria. It was 2012, and the situation there got intense. The lucky girl was fashion journalist Nuria Cunillera. 

When both players fall in love with Cunillera, they started to fight over her. But ultimately, Puyol gave up, and Xavi proposed to her and got married to Nuria in 2013.

It was a lavish wedding ceremony. Most of the Barcelona and Spanish teammates were invited to the wedding, but Carlos Puyol did not come to the wedding, nor was he invited. On January 3, 2016, their first daughter was named Asia.

Net worth of Xavi Hernández

The net worth of the Spanish player is around $40 to $50 million. The player had a very successful career and worked with many prominent brands. Before retiring from football, Xavi was taking home a $12 million salary from the club.

Xavi wore the number 6 jersey while he was playing for FC Barcelona. Now the number has been given to Pablo Gavi.

Xavi as Team Manager

After he retired from club football in 2019 at Qatri Club Al-Sadd SC, he became manager of that club the same year. Xavi stayed at Al-Sadd SC for almost two years and managed the team for 91 games. The club won 62 games under the management of Xavi and lost only 16 games.

In November 2021, Xavi joined his former club FC Barcelona as a manager. The contract will end on June 30, 2024. In total, Xavi managed FC Barcelona for 67 games, and the team won 43 games and lost only 12. Under his management, FC Barcelona gained 141 points.



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