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Top 15 Strikers in the World

Top 15 Strikers in the World 

The list is long and includes Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappe.

A team can have a good goalkeeper and aggressive defenders, but a team can only win the match with the support of their strikers.

This is one of the reasons the Strikers are the most well-known members of the team; they are always in front and attacking the opposing team. 

A good striker play’s deciding role in the team winning the match.

Here are the top 15 strikers in the world right now.

Kai Havertz, Germany, 23 years

The player is great, and people love him due to his aggressive playing style. Kai Havertz was playing for Chelsea in 2021.

Kai took the upper hand in the Champions League. The boy helped his team, Chelsea, win the 2021 Champions League.

Kai Havertz has a total of 74 appearances, and he has scored around 17 goals with seven assists.

Alvaro Morata, Spain, 30 years

A most remarkable player who played quite an astonishing career Alvaro was the lead striker for many world-class clubs. Such as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, and Atletico Madrid.

The player always took the task seriously and stood on the front line for his country and club team. Alvaro is very good with the ball, and his speed is the main turning point for his opponent’s team.

Morata not only played a role in winning club cups, but Morata also helped his national team win the World Cup under the management of Luis Enrique.

Diago Jota, Portugal, 26 years

Diogo Jota is a Portuguese player. Who has been in the top three for the Liverpool team. His opponent are scared due to his high speed and ball control.

Klopp was the person who saw talent in Diago Jota; he signed the player during the 21/22 season. The player is a star for Liverpool. Klopp knows the talent of the player. He uses Diogo Jota in very tough situations.

Since joining Liverpool, Jota has scored around 24 goals in 58 appearances.

Antoine Griezmann, France, 31 years

The young Frenchmen Antoine Griezmann. The player started his career with Real Sociedad in 2009. Later in 2014, Antoine joined the Atletico Madrid team; he appeared in 180 games and scored around 94 goals.

Due to his exceptional performance, FC Barcelona signed the player in 2019 where the player appeared in 74 games and scored 24 goals.

Last season at Barcelona, the player could not live up to expectations. Barcelona returned the player to Atletico Madrid.

But the player performed exceptionally during the past few years and is now known as a good goal-scorer and a great playmaker.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 37 Years

CR7 is famous for his height and goal-scoring. But in the last few seasons, Ronaldo could not perform for his national team and club as well. The goat debate ended when Messi won the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The player started his career with the Sporting CP B team in 2002. The journey was arduous and full of struggles.

Later in 2003, the player joined Manchester United; Ronaldo appeared in 196 games and scored 84 goals.

In 2009, he joined the Spanish club Real Madrid; this was the time Ronaldo’s career at its peak; during this time, he scored more than 300 goals.

For his national team, Ronaldo scored 118 goals.

Saudi Pro League Club Al-Nassr has signed the player, and this is the world’s most expensive transfer.

Romelu Lukaku, Belgium, 29 years old

Lukaku plays for Inter Milan; he joined the club in 2022. The player has skills and is famous for his goal-scoring tactics. The player has scored 68 goals during his international career.

The player was so famous that in 2018, he signed a record sponsorship deal with the German sportswear brand PUMA. This is the company’s largest endorsement deal ever.

Lukaku was the player who played an active role and spoke out about the racism that black players face while playing this beautiful game. The player’s key role is to expose the double standards of others. Not all players are racist, but few are.

Olivier Giroud, French, 36 years old

The French star started playing football at a very young age. He joined the French National Team in 2011. The player has appeared in 120 games and scored around 53 goals. Olivier is the man who helped the French team win the World Cup.

The player was told by critics that he did not have enough pace to compete with other players. But he proved everyone wrong. He found a place at AC Milan in 2021; he scored around 16 goals in just 45 games. 

Gabriel Jesus, Brazil, 25 years

The great manager Pep Guardiola loves the young Brazilian player, Gabriel. The player started his career with Palmeiras in 2015. Later, he joined Manchester City, and currently, the player is playing for Arsenal. Gabriel appeared in around 14 games and scored five goals in total.

For Brazil, the player has scored 19 goals in 59 games.

Gabriel moves quickly and has excellent dribbling skills. The classical striker has four Premier League titles to his name.

Victor Osimhen, Nigerian, 24 years

The first African player on the list of the top 15 strikers, the player did great things on the field to earn a spot on this list. The 6ft player joined his national team in 2015 and scored around 28 goals from 33 appearances.

Currently, the African striker is playing for Napoli, and he has scored 37 goals from 2020 to date for his club.

Harry Kane, England, 29 years old

The young lad from England made Ladfootball’s top 15 strikers list. The player started his club career in 2011 at Tottenham Hotspur, where he made 299 appearances and scored 198 goals.

Harry Kane is a brilliant player when it comes to shooting long distance goals and netting them. The attacker wears the number 10 jersey, the number most strikers in the world like to wear.

Erlin Haaland, Norway, 22 years

The 22-year-old Erlin plays for Norway’s national team and Manchester City. The player is a master when it comes to scoring goals.

The player is all-natural; some analysts say that this player is the same as Kylian Mbappe. The person is doing the job he has been hired to do: score goals.

The height of the Norwegian star is 6 feet 5 inches, and he is the best player.

He joined the Norway team in 2019; in 23 matches, Erin scored 21 goals, and for Manchester City he made 19 appearances and scored 25 goals. The player has a long career ahead of him, we wish him best of luck.

Kylian Mbappe, France, 24 years

The young lad has played two World Cups and won one in 2018. They were the runners-up in the 2022 World Cup. The player was the leading goal scorer in the World Cup of 2022. Kylian’s career is concise in its movement. It is very impactful.

Mbappe joined the French team in 2017 and scored 36 goals. He plays for the Club Paris Saint Germain in a total of 248 appearances; the player has scored 201 goals. The player is the leading goal scorer for PSG. 

Robert Lewandowski, Poland, 34 years

Robert joined the Poland team in 2008; for a total of 138 appearances, the player has scored 78 goals. The player stayed at Bayern Munich for a very long time, from 20142022. During this period, Robert scored 344 goals.

Currently, Robert is playing for FC Barcelona; in a total of 30 appearances, Robert has scored a whopping 25 goals. He wears a number 9 shirt while playing.

Lionel Messi, Argentina, 35 years

Lionel Messi was the winner of the Doha World Cup 2022, only one goal away from becoming the leading goal scorer of the World Cup. The player won Copa America and many more championships.

Lionel Messi was once regarded as an international failure. The player, however, proved everyone wrong. Messi has begun to win international and club awards in the last three years.

Messi has around 550 million followers on social media. Making him one of the most followed people on the internet.

Messi has scored 98 goals for Argentina, and for PSG, he scored 29 goals in 63 games.

Messi wears the No. 30 shirt at PSG.

Messi wears No. 10 shirts in Argentina.


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