The love story of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez – A Match Made in Heaven.

Ronaldo and Georgina happened to look at each other.

To begin with, Ronaldo values his family the most. In one interview, he said he has millions of dollars, but his family is the most important. Furthermore, he added that taking care of my family is the best feeling in the world.

He is a five-time Ballon d’Or winner and the world’s second-best player after Messi. He puts the family at the top of his priority list. His relationship with Manchester United management got bad after his son died. Due to his son’s death, he missed some pre-season games at Manchester United. After he returned to training, some of the club’s senior officials did not behave reasonably with Ronaldo. Ronaldo reported this issue to the higher management, but they did not take it seriously. The behavior of club management made him feel bad. Ronaldo told the club’s management that he prefers his family over everything, even football.

Rolando told the host that his wife and newborn baby were in critical condition and that he did not want to leave his family. After this clash with Man U’s management, he joined Saudi Pro League club Al-Nassr.

How Georgia Met Ronaldo

Georgina is from Jaxa, which is a small city in Spain. Initially, she had a dream to become a dancer. She stinks at speaking English. After completing the English language course, she got her job in a Gucci store. Where she was hired as a salesgirl.

You won’t believe that this story is no less than a fairytale love story. On one fine evening, Georgina’s co-worker asked her to stay a bit longer after the store was closed; some buyers were coming, so she stayed there late to showcase them different Gucci items. This after-hours work changed her life completely.

She was amazed to see Ronaldo walk into the store. A person who grew up in Spain, where football is everywhere and Ronaldo is not less than any star, She was shocked and puzzled as well.

She later told a television interviewer that, when I saw Ronaldo for the first time, he was a tall, handsome guy who walked in with Ronaldo Jr. and some of his friends. Slowly, both started to build affection for each other, and this particular Gucci store became Ronaldo’s favorite. Things got hysterical when he invited her to attend a Dolce & Gabbana event. She was amazed and instantly said yes.

The couple tried to keep their relationship secret for some time. But when you are a famous footballer with millions of followers worldwide, it’s hard to keep anything from the public and fans. Fans spotted them, and soon their relationship went public. People came to know that Georgina was working at a Gucci store.

The fans of Ronaldo started to go and stand outside the Gucci store. The store manager didn’t want that, so Georgina was fired from his job only after eight months due to an affair with Ronaldo. This happened in December 2016.

When Ronaldo got this news, he used some of his contacts to find Georgina a new job at fashion giant “Prada.” She made around $1300 a month plus sales commission. The same thing happened here: people started to come around this Prada store to see their favorite football star. Soon, Georgina and the store manager realized that this would not be suitable for her or the store. They mutually agreed, and she resigned from the job and started her quest for a new job.

She said in an interview that when she was working, every time there were photographers and fans present there. The store manager often asked her to go to the basement or the storeroom and not come out.

Ronaldo’s First Child with Georgina

In 2017, after a year, Ronaldo and Georgina had their first child, which they named Alanna Martina. There were rumors that the couple might have married, but there was no clear evidence. His mother also loved Georgina, and she said that Rodriguez supports Ronaldo in all problematic situations. She also admitted that Georgina would be her future daughter-in-law.

On multiple occasions, Ronaldo said his family was his most outstanding achievement.

In the Instagram live video, Ronaldo said he wanted to be the world’s best dad. When he became a dad, his view of life changed. He became more polite and loving.

He has always been in the news for having children in an unconventional way, such as through surrogacy.

The player became a father for the first time in 2010, but to date, the child’s mother is unknown. At that time, the player was dating the Russian model, Irina Shayk. Ronaldo signed a contract with his mother that Ronaldo Jr. would stay under his guardianship. The player has asked the fans to respect the family’s privacy and not ask for the mother’s name.

After ending a 5-year relationship with Irina Shayk in 2017, he announced the birth of twins through surrogacy in the United States.

Ronaldo’s representative said the player would not disclose why they chose surrogacy, but he is happy that now he has twins.

A month later, the player announced that Georgiana was expecting a child with him. This was the first time a star player unveiled the child’s mother. Now Georgiana and Ronaldo are taking care of all the children.

Ronald’s Expensive Lifestyle

Ronaldo and his family are currently living in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. The player joined this club for the most expensive contract in football history, a $200 million salary per year.

Before coming to Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United. While living there, Ronaldo bought a $10 million mansion to spend quality time with his kids.

The mansion is super luxurious and has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The player loves to spend most of his time in the gym. Yes, the house has a beautiful gym.

Ronaldo’s wife said the house is so big that sometimes, in the early days, she had a hard time remembering the map of the house. I need help whenever I go out to bring water from the kitchen. The house is so big, and I love it. Since my childhood, I have dreamt of these kinds of houses.


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