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Raphinha Biography, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Raphael Dias Belloli, aka Raphinha, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Brazil’s National Team and FC Barcelona. He spent his early life in a small city in Brazil named Porto Alegre.

To be very specific, he lived in a neighborhood called Restinga. The Brazilian striker is 26 years old, and was born on December 14, 1996. 

Raphinha’s father (Raphael Belloli) is a struggling or seasonal musician. The player belongs to a very low-income family and cannot afford food or have good living standards. Raphinha shared a room with his parents and his siblings. His father (Maniho) is Italian, and his mother is Brazilian.

How Raphael Dias Belloli started his career

His father was a good friend of Ronaldinho. When he was seven years old, he went to Ronaldinho’s birthday party with his father. Raphinha and Ronaldinho made a strong bond in a short time. He acted as a guide for a young Brazilian player. On Ronaldhino’s advice, at 18, he joined the Varzea Tournament.

The tournament was very intense; home fans chanted slogans against other teams and decreased the morale of the opposition players. The game was on a low budget; no proper equipment was provided to the player. 

His skills paved the way for Brazil’s national team. Raphinha faced many rejections in life, but those rejections did not break him. Moreover, it made him a better fighter, and his motivation increased. Before he was accepted into any big clubs, three big clubs from good leagues rejected him because the player was too skinny. After seeing these rejections, his father, Maninho Belloli, and other family members asked Raphinha to quit his sporting career. But the player did not give up on his dreams; he worked hard to prove himself.

The player left his hometown and headed toward Santa Catarina, and joined the club Ava Futbol Clube. He started his professional career here. But this journey lasted only for a short time, as in 2016, the club faced financial issues. Due to these crises, the club sold Raphinha to a European club. He was traded to Vitória S.C., a Portuguese football club.

Raphinha performed exceptionally well in Europe, and after one year, in 2017, he was named player of the year. Due to his performance in 2018, the player was transferred to the Sporting CP club. It is the same club where Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo played in his early years. He spent a few years at Sporting CP, and after that Brazilian striker joined Leeds United for £ 17 million in 2020. The player wore the number 18 jersey during his stay at Leads United.

Raphael signed a 5-year deal with FC Barcelona on July 15, 2022. The agreement was initially signed for £ 49 million. It can go up to £55 million. At Spanish Club, the player is wearing a 22number jersey.

After this deal, Raphinha said it’s a dream that came true for my family and me.

Raphinha Borther, Thiago Alcântara

You might find it strange to hear that Thiago Alcântara is a Premier League professional footballer currently playing for Liverpool and for Spanish National Team. Thiago Alcântara is Raphinha’s bother. Both brothers play for different countries because, at the age of 14, Thiago Alcântara traveled to Spain and settled there.

Raphinha Marriage Status

Natalia Rodrigues is the wife of FC Barcelona player Raphinha. They met in their teenage years and have known each other since 2013. For over nine years, they were good friends, and in July 2021, they entered a relationship. They held a private marriage ceremony in February 2022, and only a few guests were invited to the party. Natalia is only 23 years old. She also has a younger sister, who was born in 2015.

 Raphinha and Natalia announced on Instagram that they are expecting a child. The news was announced on December 22, 2022.

Raphinha’s Height and Weight

Raphinha has a height of 176 cm and a weight of 68 kg.

Raphinha’s net worth

He struggled for the past few years, but in 2022 he was signed by FC Barcelona for £ 49 million in a 5-year deal. The deal paid very well and was a dream come true for Raphinha. The present market value of Raphinha is around £50 million to £60 million. The player’s performance is getting better day after day, which is also helping him increase his market value.

The estimated net worth of Raphinha is £44 million.

Raphinha FIFA 2022/2023 RATINGS

The player is also featured in FIFA 22/23 as an FC Barcelona right winger with an average rating of 83, and he has the potential to go up to 86 ratings. The player prefers to play with his left foot.



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