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Pedri Biography, Age, Family, Stats, and Net Worth

Pedri was born in Bajamar, Spain, and his current age is 20 years. The date of birth of Pedri González López is November 25, 2002. From a young age, Pedri was very interested in football.

Early Life of Pedri

The star player for Barcelona (Pedri) grew up in a small town in Spain called Tegueste with his family and has a close relationship with his brother.

Even when they were young, they were very interested in sports. Pedri and his brother were fans of FC Barcelona, so their parents did what they asked to make them comfortable.

The Pedri family is not from Spain. Instead, they are from an island close by. Gonzalez’s family is from a port town on the island of Tenerife called Tegueste.

Pedri Home on Map
Pedri Home City
Pedri Home City
Pedri Home City

Since this island is so close to Africa, one of his parents comes from Africa, specifically Morocco.

Pedri began to like Andres Iniesta when he was young. Like most kids, Pedri wanted to play for big clubs when he was young. He used to play in the streets of Tegueste.

At age 9, Pedri was already better at skills and playing football than most of his peers. Pedri got his first chance to play for a club in Tegueste, where he lived.

He played with all his heart but was upset that he wasn’t getting the chance he deserved. He thought he was a failure and might never play for a big club again.

But slowly, Pedri’s luck began to change for the better. At age 13, he moved to “Juventud Laguna’s Youth Team,” a bigger club.

He played for the Juventud Laguna team for four years, and in 2018, he joined the UD Las Palmas team. Pedri played for Palmas’s youth team for a few months, but the manager saw his talent and wanted to move him to the senior squad. In July 2019, he was promoted.

Pedri was getting a lot of attention at the time because he was the youngest player to score a goal for Palmas. He did this when he was only 16 years old.

The big clubs were watching Pedri because of how well he did. Because of his career, his parents thought they might have to move to mainland Spain.

Pedri Joined FC Barcelona

In 2020, FC Barcelona signed him to a five-year, 5-million-euro contract with a 402 million-euro release clause. He plays in the central midfield for FC Barcelona. He’s played 104 games and scored 16 goals so far for Barcelona.

Pedri wears the No. 8 jersey at FC Barcelona and the No. 26 jersey while he plays for Spain.

Pedri International Career

Back in 2019, Pedri joined Spain’s U17 teams. Since then, he has moved up the ranks, and now plays for Spain’s Main Team.

Pedri played in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup with Spain. He started all four of Spain’s games, but Morocco eliminated them in the Round of 16.

Pedri’s age, weight, and height

Pedri is 20 years old, his weight is 60 kg, and his height is 174 cm, or 5ft 7in.

Pedri’s family and girlfriend 

Lad Football will tell you everything you need to know about Pedri’s love life. Our team looked into everything but still couldn’t find Pedri’s girlfriend. He is single right now.

The football player is only 20 years old, and he is focused on his career and the goals he wants to reach. Pedri is one of Barcelona’s best players, and even though he is still young, he cares more about his career than getting close to someone emotionally.

Fans have asked the player several times about his relationships, but he has always moved on to the next question.

Pedri has many fans in football, especially among Spanish women. But there needs to be public information about whether or not he is in a relationship. Also, the player has yet to tell the public about the girl he likes.

Pedri’s net worth and salary: 

Pedri signed the initial contract with FC Barcelona in 2019 for 5 million euros and had a significant release clause. The midfielder at Barcelona signed a new contract in 2021 that will keep him there until 2026 and has a $1.16 billion release clause; previously, it was around $500 million.

Pedri Salary at FC Barcelona

His net worth is expected to be around $9.4 million as of 2023The star of Barcelona makes about $39,885 per week at Camp Nou.

Pedri Car Collection: 

He is only 20 years old and just obtained his driver’s license; he likes to drive a CUPRA Formentor’. This company also sponsors him to drive their all-electric car.

Pedri’s presence on social media

Pedri is a young player and maintains an active presence on social media. He has millions of followers on his social media accounts.

Twitter – 1.9 million Followers

Instagram – 11.2 million Followers

Facebook – 2.6 million followers

Website – https://pedrigonzalez8.com/en/



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