Messi Ordered to Demolish his $30 Million Hotel in Catalonian –

The PSG star’s million-dollar hotel has been ordered to be demolished. The “MiM Siges Hotel” is a four-star hotel in the heart of Spain. The soccer star from Argentina bought this hotel to diversify his portfolio of investments. A hotel in Catalonia costs a stunning $30 million.
The hotel has about 50 high-end rooms, a spa, a gym, and other services. When people go on vacation in Barcelona, they often stay at this hotel. The Spanish builders’ association sued, saying that the hotel’s design is dangerous and would cause it to fall. A big accident could happen in Spain; too many balconies put the lives of residents and tourists in danger.
A small pressure group in Barcelona said that the Messi Hotel is dangerous for people who live there and for people who live nearby. This started the controversy. If the hotel falls, the whole area and the people living there are in danger. According to court filings, the Messi Hotel’s balconies are too wide and will cause the structure to collapse if not modified or eliminated. The building doesn’t have a fire escape plan, and the only way out is a narrow path that doesn’t meet the rules of the building department.
When Messi bought the building in 2017, he didn’t know about this problem. It was later found out. The legal team representing Messi has filed an appeal, so we must now await the court’s ruling.


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