Lionel Messi Transfer News to Al-Hilal For $299 Million.

Messi Transfer News Update for Saudi Club Al-Hilal

Lionel Messi transfer expected to Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal

Lionel Messi is an Argentina striker currently playing for PSG. The star player’s contract is going to expire this year. There are multiple rumours that the player might move to a Saudi Arabian club, Al Hilal. His transfer news is making headlines from the American continent to the Middle East.

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As per different rumors, the transfer will make him the highest earner in the sports world. The contract will come with a $299 million per year deal.

An official source still needs to vouch for this transfer news.But the information is coming out.

Messi’s father is his agent as well; he will be handling all the paper work for him. A Saudi news outlet confirms that his father was spotted in Saudi Arabia. But still, there is no strong evidence. It was also reported by the Daily Mail that Messi’s father was seen in Riyadh to finalize the details of the contract.

He will play in the Saudi Arabian Professional Football League if he signs this deal.

In early January, the player will travel to Saudi Arabia for a friendly match between PSG and Al Nassr.

He is 36; the player might end his career in a few years. He might make this move because he wants to earn some good money before his retirement. Because Saudis pay a lot. They have oil money. This will put Messi back in competition with his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo. This contract will also boost the viewership of the Saudi Pro League. Messi fans in Saudi Arabia are eager to see this transfer.

Messi might succumb to the Saudis’ generous offer of money, like Ronaldo did. Saudi Arabia is transforming its economy from a conservative to an open economy and moving towards a tourist economy like their neighbor, the United Arab Emirates.

The Saudi Arabia tourist department will use this player to promote tourism in the country.

They will also use Messi and Ronaldo to promote the $500 billion project. The Neom City

Messi and Ronaldo Rivalry aside, the Saudi clubs Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal have an intense rivalry in Saudi Arabia’s professional league. Adding players will be a game-changer for the league’s future.

Al-Hilal was very interested in the deal with Ronaldo before Al-Nassr signed him. This shows the Saudis’ determination to bring in the game’s big players and move their league one step ahead.

Visit Saudi

He is not unfamiliar with Saudi Arabian culture. To promote tourism in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi tourism department hired him.The campaign was named “Visit Saudi.”

Fans are waiting to hear the news about whether Messi will join the Saudi club or continue his career at a European club.



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