Lionel Messi Interview After The World Cup Win.

Lionel Messi most anticipated interview after World Cup Win

Messi began the interview by saying his life was forever changed on December 18, 2022. All my professional hopes and dreams have finally come true. On December 18, we officially won the title of world champions of 2022. Yes, we won the World Cup of 2022 in Doha, Qatar. He said that he slept well and relaxed after the win.

The interviewer asked him what Messi did one night before the final. Did you talk to your wife?

Messi replied, “Yes, I talked with Antonella; we spoke on different topics and did not discuss anything about the final game the next day.

The world cup trophy that you raised was fake?

He replied that the world cup trophy was fake; it didn’t even matter. The main thing is that Argentina won the World Cup of 2022. I touched the trophy and felt it.

On not winning any international trophies for the year:

People and my critics teased me during the years I could not win any international trophies. But as we won the Copa America and World Cup, the criticism was the over right way. 

Have you watched the final match again?

I haven’t watched the whole match, but I have watched some highlights and goals from the final game.

How did you feel about the kiss on the World Cup trophy?

When I saw the World Cup trophy, there were no second thoughts. I saw the beautiful, shining trophy, as it was speaking to me as it said to come to me and catch me.

Messi added that it had been more than a month since we won the World Cup, but I was getting emotional about the win.

Before the World Cup, everyone wanted you to be the champion of this World Cup, as it was your last.

Yes! Everyone wanted that Argentina should win this world cup. The hype was real. I always wanted to win this big cup.

He also explained the reason for his celebration against the Netherlands.

The celebration that I had was all natural. My teammates told us what Van Gaal said before the game. I did it all naturally. This was the answer to Van Gaal.

What was the public’s reaction to social media?

The thing is that after winning the World Cup, my Instagram was blocked for a few days; it was due to the number of likes and messages people sent me after the win. Messi added that I could not respond to people sending me wishes. 

The same was the issue with my WhatsApp app; it was flooded with messages, and I started responding to my family and friends in the first stage. But the number of massages was in the millions.

I was not aiming for my World Cup photo to become the most liked, but the people wanted to see me with the cup. 

Messi further states that he does not have an Instagram manager; he manages all by himselves. 

The World Cup and Copa America wins were game-changers for me. People used to criticize me. In retrospect, there have been numerous opportunities for me to win the World Cup, but I have always fallen short. But in 2022, things were different, and they won the cup.

He also said that if Diego Maradona were alive today, I would have loved to take a picture with him and this world cup trophy, and fans also have loved this collaboration. 

He added that if I had to say something to 16-year-old Messi, it would be : Don’t lose hope; great things await you. Never give up on your dreams, and stay focused.

On the world cup game and different opponents?

When we came to the World Cup, we knew each team was well prepared, so my group had to work hard to win this cup. Our Argentine coaches have prepared us exceptionally well to win the cup, and they have told us a lesson from their past experiences that helped us a lot in the World Cup.

He also added that he misses his teammates every day from the Qatar World Cup camp, and we enjoyed every movement of the tournament.

In the end, the interviewer, Andy Kusnetzoff, said to Messi, Thank you for everything.



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