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Lifestyle of Lewandowski – Earning, Home and Family

$90 Million Lifestyle of Lewandowski

Earning Days

He was born in Warsaw, Poland. Robert Lewandowski is a Polish striker currently playing for the most reputable European club, FC Barcelona. He has scored more than 500 goals for his country and club. Lewandowski was born on August 28, 1988.

He is considered Poland’s most valuable player. He played the most significant part of his career in Bayern Munich. Lewandowski is also viewed as the Bundesliga’s most outstanding player. He scored around 344 goals in 375 games while playing at Bayern Munich.

The player has won numerous awards, including the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, and the UEFA Super Cup. The player came to Bayern Munich from archrival Dortmund in 2014.

He has also won many individual accolades. The player won UEFA Men’s Player of the Year in 2020. He was the first person from Poland to win the award and the golden boot.

When he played in the Ekstraklasa in 2009, he was the top goal scorer in this Polish league.

The most significant award of any footballer’s life is the Ballon d’Or. He also won this award in 2021. Moreover, the player won the European Golden Shoe in 2021 and 2022.

Lewandowski at Bayern Munich:

He moved to Bayern Munich in 2014. The player’s net worth at the time of joining Bayern Munich was around $46 million. The club did not have to pay anything to Dortmund because his contract expired in 2014.

The Polish striker scored his first goal in a pre-season game in the United States against the Bavarian Giants.

The player helped the team win against his former club Dortmund with a 1-0 win. Bayern Munich also won the Bundesliga that year. The team was also named team of the year.

The most exciting time of his career was when Bayern Munich played Wolfsburg; he came in and scored five goals in just eight minutes and 59 seconds. These winning goal streaks helped the Polish striker receive four Guinness World Records.

Another remarkable thing about Lewandowski was when he stayed with Bayern Munich and won all the Bundesliga titles.

In July 2022, his contract with Bayern Munich ended, and the player joined Barcelona for $46 million.

A Glimpse of Lewandowski’s International Career

The player is one of the best players in Poland’s history. He scored 70 goals for the Polish National team since he joined back in 2008.

Lewandowski captained the team for 130 matches. In his first match, he scored two goals in the FIFA World Cup qualifier.

These two goals made the player the second-youngest player to score after Wlodzimierz, who scored at 16 years of age.

During Lewandowski’s career, he also faced disappointments. In 2012, they failed to qualify for the Eurogroup stage. While they were the co-hosts of the tournament.

The team worked hard, reaching the Euro Cup quarterfinals in 2016. Lewandowski took their team to the quarterfinals.

Personal life of Lewandowski

The player was interested in football from a very young age. He belongs to a very humble family. When the player moved to FC Barcelona with a drastic pay cut.

According to different sources, the player makes around $200,000 per week at FC Barcelona.

The player currently appears in many brand endorsements, and Lewandowski has an estimated net worth of $85 million. 

 Same as Mbappe; he donates generously. During the recent pandemic, the player donated around $1 million to charities. Lewandowski is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

The player has also diversified his investment portfolio and started a seafood restaurant in the Masurian Lake District. Moreover, he is also part of a venture capital firm named Protos Venture.

The player invests his money in some of the new internet start-ups. This way, Lewandowski makes money while doing other stuff. He knows he cannot play his whole life; he must diversify his investment to live peacefully without worrying about his finances after retirement. 

Lewandowski’s $4.2 million Spanish home

Before the player moved to FC Barcelona, Lewandowski bought a house in Spain for $4.2 million. The home has two floors; the covered area is 411 square meters, but the family has around 1200 square meter’s of land. The luxurious house comes with a swimming pool and a large terrace.

It has an oversized garage where the couple can store their expensive cars. The construction of the house was completed in 2001 and has been well maintained. Moreover, it is located in a very affluent neighborhood.

Lewandowski has two daughters; he wants to protect them from the eyes of millions, which is also one reason to buy this house in this neighborhood.

The couple can leave peacefully while the house has everything the player needs. Therefore, pictures of the player’s family are nonexistent on the internet.

Robert Lewandowski’s Car Collection

Car collection of the Lewandowski is currently worth over $1 million. He loves to drive sports cars and has a lot of them. Their second favourite sport is motorsports.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: $327,000

Porsche 911 Speedster: only 48 cars have been made till today, and he owns one; limited edition; $275,000.

Bentley Continentals: (2) — $225,000

Mercedes-Benz AMG CL 63 – $45,000

Maserati Fran Turismo Sport: $132,900

Audi RS6 – $108,000

These cars are super fast, and most have 500+ horsepower. He loves to roam in the street in these beautiful cars.

Major Accomplishments of Lewandowski

IFFHS World’s Best International Goal Scorer Award—(2)

– German Championship: (10)

– Winner of the German Super Cup: (6)

– FIFA Men’s Player of the Year: (2)

– FIFA Club World Cup Winner: (1)

– UEFA Best European Player – (1)

– Polish Champion – (1)

– Polish Super Cup Winner (1)



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