Inside Story of Lionel Messi Buying 35 Gold iPhones for Argentina Team

Lionel Messi planned a big surprise for his teammates, who helped the 35-year-old player win the World Cup. Everyone deserves a unique gift,” Messi claimed. He ordered 35 gold iPhones for each member of his squad and his other support team.

Value of 35 Gold iPhones

The total value of these 35 gold iPhones is around £175,000, as per the report published in The Sun News. These iPhones were delivered to Messi’s apartment after the FIFA Best Award 2022 win.

Different reports claimed that Messi wanted to celebrate this particular movement uniquely. Messi found entrepreneur Ben Lyons, and they further improved this idea of what an iPhone would look like.

Ben Lyons is the CEO and owner of iDesign Gold. The World Cup winner got in touch and ordered this special order to make the win more memorable. Messi claimed that he did not want to give ordinary gifts like watches, etc. Ben gave Messi the idea of a gold iPhone with the names of players engraved on the back of the phone.

This World Cup was the third win for Argentina and the first for Lionel Messi. They won this world cup from France in penalties (4–2).


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