How Ronaldo Will Live In Saudi Arab ?

Ronaldo is having the time of his life in Saudi Arab

After Ronaldo’s dramatic exit from Manchester United and joining Al Nassr Saudi Football Club, the world is in shock. Moreover, the talk about this transfer started around November last year. The contract that he signed is for $230 million over three years.

The Ronaldo Effect: When he announced that he was joining Al Nassr, the club had only 800,000 followers on Instagram. But the club has gained over 10 million new followers within a few days of his arrival.

He is a 37-year-old footballer; he has played his whole life in European leagues. But the Arab League will be a different type of experience for him. The Arab world has a different culture.

Ronaldo’s Earnings Breakdown

He will be making $200 million per year.

Per month: 16.6 million

Per day: $548,000

Per hour: $22,833

Per minute: $380

Per second: $6.34

Ronaldo’s deal with Al Nassr is the biggest and one of the most valuable contracts in the football world.

Now we have discussed the financial side of the deal. Let’s explore what life will be like for Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

Currently, Ronaldo has a live-in relationship with Giorgio. Saudi Arabian law doesn’t allow couples to live together without marriage. Saudi authorities are amending the law to make the live-in relationship legal. So, the player can live with her partner.

When he came to Al-Nassr, he was given the head of a state-like protocol. The airport had tight security from Saudi government officials, and he was taken from the airport to the hotel in the full protocol.

The Superstar will live in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh.

The club is also located in Riyadh. He will be living here. For the first few days, he settled into a hotel. Later, Ronaldo will be shifted into a massive villa. This is included in the agreement. The house is located in an affluent Riyadh neighbourhood. The house has every luxury that a person can dream of.

The area where he will be staying has access to a private school where his children will get an education. The school is expensive and has fees of roughly $25,000 per year.

Currently, he is living 7000 kilometres away from his home in Lisbon. But there is always a private plane standing at Riyadh airport that can take Ronaldo to his home in Lisbon, a 10-hour flight.

The Portuguese star can travel and come back to Riyadh to play. The player will be a brand ambassador for Saudi Arabian tourism. Recently, Saudi Arabia has opened its economy to international tourism, and Saudis believe it will play a vital role in this shift.

Saudi Pro League – Arab League

Ronaldo became part of a different league, but the format is almost identical to other European Leagues. The Saudi Pro League will have 18 teams this season. Previously, it was a 16-team league. The league was started in 1976 with only eight teams. Slowly and gradually, more teams were added to this league.

The schedule of this league is almost the same as the European league. Saudi Pro League starts from August to May; this includes midweek and weekend fixtures. Previously, this league had very low viewership. But the addition of Ronaldo to this league is a game-changer. There are rumours that Messi is also in talks with the Al Hilal club, which is also part of the Saudi Pro League.

Wouldn’t it be ironic that Messi and Ronaldo were playing in the Arab League? That will be a game changer for the Saudi Pro League and increase its viewership in Europe and North America.

It has been trending online on multiple social media websites that Messi should come to the Arab League, which would be great. Reports are also coming that Messi’s father (agent) has been involved in talks with the Riyadh club. Reports claim that the contract will be around $900 million. This will break Ronaldo’s record by three times. If this deal gets finalized, Messi will be named the world’s most expensive player.

Saudi Arabia is bringing these big sports players and using them as ambassadors to attract global tourism to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia was famous for its conservative and rigid policies. But now, the world has accepted that this world is a global village. The country needs to open itself up to attract tourism. That is the reason Saudis are more welcoming towards tourism and globalization.

They have recently announced that Saudi Arabia is building a $500 billion cityNEOM, which will be the centre of tourism by 2030. They are also going to use Ronaldo and Messi for the promotion of these billion-dollar projects.

The unique thing about Neom City is that it is only 7 hours away from 45% of the world’s countries. The city will advance in every aspect and be the world’s first city with zero carbon emissions. Almost all the energy will be generated from renewable energy sources.

Also, to add Ronaldo to their team, Al Nassr had to eliminate Vincent Aboubakar. The cancellation of the agreement was mutually agreed upon. This gave him a place in the team to play. Look how much the Saudis want Ronaldo to play for them!

The Saudis are very rich in this region. But they were unable to show it to the world. The sheikhs of Dubai had previously showcased their wealth to the world; now, Saudis want to do the same. They want to show the richness of Arab culture to the world. That is one of the reasons to sign up for Portuguese stars. The club Al-Nasrr belongs to the Saudi Arab government.

Fans are now hoping that Messi should also join the Saudi League. Because they want to see Messi and Ronaldo, playing and competing against each other. The fans are waiting for El Classico to happen in Saudi Arabia. These two players are most loved in the 21st century. Both have a perfect fan following worldwide, which will be a game-changer for Arab football.



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