History of La Liga

La Liga is a Spanish football league that came into existence in 1929.

La Liga is the first-division league. Before La Liga, a Spanish league called the Catalan Football Championship started in 1901. After the formation of La Liga, both leagues coexisted until 1940. The Catalan Football Championship was dissolved, leaving Spain with just La Liga as its first division league.

The first La Liga season started in February 1929 and ended in June 1929. At that time, the league had only one division, the Primera Division, and only ten clubs participated in the first season.

The Spanish league system is divided into four tiers:

Primera División (La Liga)1
Segunda División2
Segunda División B3
Tercera División4
The Spanish league system is divided into four tiers

Both La Liga and the Segunda Division were created at the same time. Segunda Division B was formed in 1977 to replace the Tercera Division. Since then, the Tercera has been demoted to 4th rank in the league system. The top four finishers in La Liga are automatically entered into the Champions League.

The number of clubs increased to 14 in 1941, and after nine years, in 1950, four more clubs were added. As of 1987, 20 clubs were playing in La Liga. Although the league expanded to 22 teams in 1995, it shrank back down to its original size of 20 teams two years later.

La Liga Statistics

Lionel Messi is the leading goal, scorer. He played for FC Barcelona for a long time and scored 438 La Liga goals. Messi is the player who scored 50 goals in one season.

On the second mark, we have Cristiano Ronaldo, who has scored 311 La Liga goals in his career.

The player with the most appearances in La Liga is Andoni Zubizarreta, with 622 appearances. Raul is on the second mark with 550.

Real Madrid has won the most La Liga Titles (35).

La Liga Winners History From 1929 to 2022

1929FC Barcelona
1930Athletic Bilbao
1931Athletic Bilbao
1932Real Madrid
1933Real Madrid
1934Athletic Bilbao
1935Real Betis
1936Athletic Bilbao
1937 1938 1939  Spanish Civil War
1940Atlético Aviación
1941Atlético Aviación
1943Athletic Bilbao
1945FC Barcelona
1948FC Barcelona
1949FC Barcelona
1950Atlético Madrid
1951Atlético Madrid
1952FC Barcelona
1953FC Barcelona
1954Real Madrid
1955Real Madrid
1956Athletic Bilbao
1957Real Madrid
1958Real Madrid
1959FC Barcelona
1960FC Barcelona
1961Real Madrid
1962Real Madrid
1963Real Madrid
1964Real Madrid
1965Real Madrid
1966Atlético Madrid
1967Real Madrid
1968Real Madrid
1969Real Madrid
1970Atlético Madrid
1972Real Madrid
1973Atlético Madrid
1974FC Barcelona
1975Real Madrid
1976Real Madrid
1977Atlético Madrid
1978Real Madrid
1979Real Madrid
1981Real Sociedad
1982Real Sociedad
1983Athletic Bilbao
1984Athletic Bilbao
1985FC Barcelona
1986Real Madrid
1987Real Madrid
1988Real Madrid
1989Real Madrid
1990Real Madrid
1991FC Barcelona
1992FC Barcelona
1993FC Barcelona
1994FC Barcelona
1995Real Madrid
1996Atlético Madrid
1997Real Madrid
1998FC Barcelona
1999FC Barcelona
2000Deportivo La Coruña
2001Real Madrid
2003Real Madrid
2005FC Barcelona
2006FC Barcelona
2007Real Madrid
2008Real Madrid
2009FC Barcelona
2010FC Barcelona
2011FC Barcelona
2012Real Madrid
2013FC Barcelona
2014Atlético Madrid
2015FC Barcelona
2016FC Barcelona
2017Real Madrid
2018FC Barcelona
2019FC Barcelona
2020Real Madrid
2021Atlético Madrid
2022Real Madrid
La Liga Winners table –

Teams With Most Win in La Liga History

Real Madrid35
FC Barcelona26
Atlético Madrid10
Athletic Bilbao8
Real Sociedad2
Real Betis1
Team with most wins in La Liga

La Liga is one of the most famous leagues in the world. After the English Premier League, La Liga comes on the 2nd mark. Around 2.5 billion people watch the league from different parts of the world.


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