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FC Barcelona’s All-Time Top 10 Goal Scorers

FC Barcelona is a club with more than 100 years of history and a reputation for having one of the world’s best attackers. Despite many problems in recent years, the club has continued to produce great players from their home academy, La Masia in Barcelona. This academy is known as a breeding ground for young players.

1: Lionel Messi: 672 goals

Lionel Messi broke Cesar Rodriguez’s record in 2012. The player is so marvelous when it comes to ball control and dribblingMessi also scored 91 goals in one year. In a total of 778 appearances, he scored 672 goals.

Messi left Barcelona due to the club’s financial conditions; they could not afford him. Messi is a seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, and rumors are that he will also win the eighth Ballon d’Or in 2023.

2: Cesar Rodriguez: 233 goals

Rodriguez left FC Barcelona in 1955, but his record was not broken till 2012. He scored 233 goals in a total of 354 appearances. He joined the team at the age of 19. The team was able to win five La Liga titles over 16 years.

3: Luis Suarez: 198 goals

The modern era has arrived. Luis Suarez stayed here for six long years. The most goals he scored in one season was 59 in the 2015-16 season.

In a total of 284 appearances, Luis Suarez scored 198 goals. He left the team in 2020 and joined Atletico Madrid.

4: Laszlo Kubala: 189 goals

Laszlo worked for the team for more than ten years. During his first year, he scored 26 goals in just 19 games. During all these years, Kubala scored 189 goals in 1961. He left the club to become the club’s head coach.

5: Josep Samitier scored 187 goals.

Josep Samitier, aka “The Grasshopper,” The Spanish star played and performed so well that everyone liked him. As per the official club record, he scored 187 goals during his stay.

While playing, Samitier left FC Barcelona and joined the Real Madrid squad. But after retiring from the game, he later returned as Barcelona manager in 1945 and managed the team so well that they won the La Liga Championship.

6: Josep Escola, 165 goals

Josep Escola played for FC Barcelona in two stints, from 1934 to 1937 and 1940 to 1948. The Spanish striker scored 165 goals. He was so good with the ball that the team called him by the nickname “The Professor.” He led the team and won two La Liga championships.

Due to multiple hip and knee injuries, Escola had to retire from the game at the age of 34.

7: Paulino Alcantara: 143 goals

Paulino Alcantara is remembered to this day for his hat trick in his debut match in 1912. It was a 9-0 victory for the team. Moreover, he is still the youngest player to play and score for FC Barcelona at 15 years and 4 months of age.

He eventually left Barcelona, and after a two-year absence, he returned to FC Barcelona in 1918. Then he stayed here for nine years and scored 143 goals, which made him seventh on the top 10 list.

8: Samuel Eto’o: 131 goals

Samuel has one goal more than Rivaldo. He joined FC Barcelona in 2004 after previously playing for Mallorca.

Since he joined the Spanish club, he has become lethal, scoring 131 goals in just 201 games for Barça. The team won three La Liga titles and two Champions League trophies during his stay. Later, the club’s management traded him for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

9: Rivaldo: 130 goals

Rivaldo was famous for his speedquality dribbling, and lethal ball control. He joined FC Barcelona in 1997. The Brazilian stayed here for five years and did well, scoring 130 goals.

After playing for five years, under challenging circumstances, Rivaldo left the club in 2002 when Louis Van Gaal returned to Barcelona. He left the club in haste despite this issue; the fans loved Rivaldo for his style of play.

10: Mariano Martin: 124 goals

Mariano made his first appearance for the Barcelona team back in 1939. He joined the team at the age of 20. He appeared in 214 games for the team and scored 124 goals over eight years.

Martin was keen on scoring goals but had to stop playing due to a critical knee injury. Otherwise, the player might be the team’s leading goal scorer of all time.


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