The Spanish Giant FC Barcelona Decided to Cut Their Squad Wage’s Next Season to Sign Messi Again.

Reports say that FC Barcelona is thinking about suggesting that all of their players get paid less next season. Barcelona is already touching the upper salary limit, so they must plan this move carefully without violating any laws.

The management is planning to renovate Camp Nou Stadium; this project will be one of the most expensive, costing around £1 billion or more. To manage all these expenses, the FCB management has asked the team players to take pay cuts to make the club financially stable.

For example, the pay cuts can vary from player to player; approximately, these are around 15%. Some stars, like Jordi Alba, have been offered new contracts with lower pay. This will reduce the financial problem but not completely eradicate it. According to the current plan, FC Barcelona will save around £61 million if all the players agree to the pay cut.

The team will have to decide on the matter as a whole, but it will be hard to get players to take the cuts while the club is still planning to sign a number of players form this money saved.

The club management is doing all this to reduce the salary expenditure and re-sign the star player Lionel Messi just by staying within the salary limits.

Messi on Joining FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is on top of the La Liga table for the 2022/23 season, but things are not going well for the team off the field.

As per different reports, Messi also wants to play for FC Barcelona before he retires from football. In various interviews, Messi has said Barcelona is his home.

The 2022 World Cup winner has many offers at the movement, AL-Hilal, which wants to sign Messi for £350 million a year.

The deal will only be signed if Messi rejects the Al-Hilal offer and the FC Barcelona team accepts the salary cuts to make room for Messi in the team.

The deal is still unclear regarding which team Messi will join; let’s see where the player is headed next.


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