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Brief History of English Premier League

The Premier League started only 30 years ago, from England on February 20, 1992. The full name of the league is the Football Association Premier League Limited. The Premier League is the highest division of English football. It is contested between 20 clubs. A system of promotion and relegation is present in the league. 

The Premier League starts in August and ends in May. Each team plays 38 matches. 19 are home, and 19 are away matches. Matches are scheduled on weekends so more people can watch the game.

The Premier League idea was generated in the 1970s; European teams were playing football but had no money. The condition of stadiums was poor, and some stadiums were unsafe for fans to attend the matches. Players earn very little from the games. Series A and La Liga were performing very well, and because they paid footballers a reasonable amount, many English players started to migrate to other countries and clubs to play for those leagues.

In 1990, England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup, and at that time, UEFA lifted a five-year ban on English clubs so they could play in European competitions. This changed the narrative of the English clubs, and in 1991, Manchester United lifted the UEFA Super Cup.

In 1989, the Hillsborough Disaster occurred due to the poor condition of the stadium. A stadium collapsed during the FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. This incident injured a large number of fans who were watching the match.  After this, the governing body proposed renovating English club stadiums.

Slowly, the commercialization of English football started because the clubs needed the money to sustain their operations. Once the fans became more interested in the game, Premier League began to sell its TV rights to earn good profit. This is one source where the revenue started to flow in. Teams and players started getting brand deals and endorsements as the league became famous.

In 1992, the FA Premier League was formed as a limited company, with its headquarters in Lancaster. In its first season, 22 teams participated. Manchester United won the opening season. The league operates in such a manner that each club is a shareholder and has voting power; if they want to add or change something, every vote counts. The clubs gather and select their chairman and executive member to keep an eye on the league’s day-to-day operations.

Competition Format of the English Premier League (EPL)

The league runs from August to May with 38 games for each team, which means 19 home and 19 away games. When a team wins, they will receive 3 points; if it is a draw, it will be 1 point. There will be no point for the loss. The scoreboard of teams is ranked in the manner of points; the team will the highest points will be number one. After a certain number of points, there will be a goal difference between teams. If some team has the same points and the goals, they will stand at the same place on the scorecard.

The System of Relegation and Promotion

The Premier League uses the system of relegation. There is a second-tier championship, which is called the EFL Championship. The three lowest teams in the Premier League are relegated to the EFL Championship

Most Wins By Any Club in History

ClubsTotal Premier League Titles
Manchester United20
Liverpool FC19
Arsenal FC13
Everton FC9
Manchester City8
Aston Villa7
Sunderland AFC6
Chelsea FC6
Newcastle United4
Most Premier League Wins in History by Clubs

Most goals scored by players in Premier League

Alan Shearer260
Wayne Rooney208
Harry Kane199
Andy Cole187
Sergio Aguero184
Frank Lampard177
Thierry Henry175
Robbie Fowler163
Jermain Defoe162
Michael Owen150
Most goals scored by players in Premier League

Most Goals Scored in One Premier League Season by a Player

Alan Shearer holds the record for most goals in a single season. The number was 34 goals in 1994-1995 while playing for Blackburn Rovers. Alan Shearer was an English player.

TV Broadcasting Rights for the Premier League

The board’s casting rights from 2022 to 2025 will be around $13 billion. These rights are subdivided into two categories. International rights will be about $6.7 billion, and UK broadcasting rights will be about $6.3 billion. The clubs will have more money to spend on transfers and increase the pay of the players.

Arsenal currently leads the Premier League with 66 points as of 2023. The leading goal scorer of the present season is Erling Haaland, with 27 goals and counting.


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