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Alexia Putellas Biography, Girl With Two Ballon d’Or

This biography of Alexia Putellas will uncover all the facts about her from childhood to the present day. Her full name is Alexia Putellas Segura, and she was born on February 4, 1994. She is 29 years old and lives in the small town of Mollet del Valles, Barcelona, Spain. She was born to Jaume Putellas Rota (father) and Elisabet Suegura Sabate (mother).

She was born on Friday. Alexia has a younger sister. The leading hand in the success of Alexia Putellas is the hard work and determination of his father and mother, who keep pushing their daughter to the next level.

Early Days of Alexia’s Life

She was the most loved child in the house, as she was the first child in the house. The younger sister is also her best friend, Alba Putellas.

She belongs to a very affluent family that is well interested in sports. Initially, basketball fever was fundamental in the family. As a girl, Putellas deeply loved her mother and got his initial learning from her. Her mother was also a sportswoman, which is why she was her role model.

It was all natural that both girls were attracted to sports; the family used to live a peaceful lifestyle around the Besos River in Spain.

Besides basketball, her family was also interested in soccer; they watched matches very cheerfully.

She was Spanish and supported FC Barcelona from a very young age. Her father takes the daughters to Camp Nou to watch the FC Barcelona games. Their interest started to grow; whenever there was an FC Barcelona match, her family went to La Bolera pub to watch the game if they were not going to Camp Nou. She also said that everyone in her family loves Barcelona, except for her cousins, who supported Real Madrid.

Alexia Putellas’s Early Life (Football):

She was involved in sports from a young age due to her family background. She participated in many sports activities in her locality.

Furthermore, she had grown up in a family that loved basketball. Puterllas started to play football in 2001. This was her fourth sport after basketballhockey, and tennis. Her passion and her mother’s support propelled her interest in sporting games. Alexia was most enthusiastic about football.

She started to participate in football games at her school. Later, at the age of seven, she joined the Sabadell youth football team. The minimum age criterion was eight years old; her family said she was eight. Despite being so youngPutellas was made team captain after a few games due to her leadership skills.

Alexia Puterllas at La Masia (2005)

She spent a year in La Masia in 2005. To play for FC Barcelona is the dream of every young footballer. Despite being so good, she had to leave the club because no team matched her age group.

Due to this, she left FC Barcelona and joined the Espanyol youth team from 2006–2010 and was later promoted to the senior team from 2010–2011.

In 2011, she was also identified as one of Spain’s best young players.

She returned to her dream team in the summer of 2012, FC Barcelona. She quickly established herself in the FC Barcelona team due to her passion for the game and the skills she possesses.

The best season of her life was 2020–21; she won many league titles and was a key player. Moreover, she was also added to the UEFA Women’s Champions League squad for the season.

 Furthermore, she also won the Women’s Ballon d’Or Award, which was the most prestigious trophy for any footballer. Alexis took the prize home once and successfully defended her title in 2022 against Beth Mead and Sam Kerr.

Alexia’s net worth and salary

The first brand deal Alexia got is from Nike, which pays her over $6,000 per month to wear Nike shoes on the field. As she is a role model for women who want to join sports and play, she also acts as the brand ambassador of many other leading brands, such as Visa.

As per different sources, her estimated net worth is around $1.7 million. She owns most of the property in Spain.

The second most frequently asked question is how much Alexia makes per year. She earns around $300,000 a year. If we do the breakdown, she makes about $25,000 per month. In some months, she makes more than this because of her brand deal.

Alexia Social Media

She has posted around 1013 photos on Instagram and has around 2.5 million active followers there.

Alexis Putellas Awards

She has won two Ballon d’Or awards, and besides this, she has also received the UEFA Player of the Year award, the FIFA Best Player Award, the IFFHAS Player of the Year Award, and she has also won a national award, the Spain National Team Player of the Year Award in 2021.

She also holds the record for most appearances for the Spanish National Team. On the other hand, she is the fourth player on FC Barcelona’s all-time appearance list for the women’s team. She is the second-highest goal scorer in the history of FC Barcelona.

Alexis Putellas’s boyfriend

At the moment, Alexis doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend because she is entirely focused on her career. Sometimes news might pop up about her relationship, but mostly these turned out to be fake or misleading.

There was a great misunderstanding when Alexis Putellas posted a photo with a girl on Instagram. Everyone thought that she was dating a girl. But later she clarified that the girl in the picture is my sister, Alba Puterllas.

Meanwhile, some paparazzi say that she is in a very low-key relationship. But to date, her dating life is a mystery.

Alexia Putellas’ two Ballons d’Or

The two-time award winner, Alexia Putellas, is from SpainAlexia has achieved so much at the very young age of 29.

She joined FC Barcelona’s senior team in 2012 and appeared in more than 293 games, scoring 134 goals. On the other hand, she also captioned the Spanish National Team.

She is also the first player from the FC Barcelona women’s team to win the Ballon d’Or award. The whole club praised her for this achievement.

In 2021, Alexia scored 37 goals and provided 27 assists for his team. During the Copa de la Reina, she scored two goals and was named MVP in the final. She won with 186 points.



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