After Messi Leaves PSG, These Are 5 Destinations Where He Can Go.

Messi's Transfer News

These days, Messi transfer news is trending. Lionel Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain will expire in June 2023. The agreement with PSG has yet to be renewed. As per other news, he is looking for new clubs to play for. He is still in limbo over whether to continue with the present club or find a new option to play.

This will be a big decision for Messi’s career, as he is already 35 and has only a few years left to play. He joined the French giant PSG in August 2021 on a two-year contract with a salary of $41 million per year.

He did not want to leave FC Barcelona, but the club made him go due to its financial condition; they could not afford him then. That was a very emotional exit from FC Barcelona.

As per reports, PSG badly wanted to extend Messi’s contract, but the player is looking for other options. His worth and impact on the team increased when he scored a match-winning freekick in the 95th minute to earn a win over Lille. This shows how vital the Argentina striker is for the team.

Here are the five destinations where Messi could go and play next season.

FC Barcelona

During a recent interview, Messi said he wanted to retire in Barcelona because the city has his heart. When he attended the leaving ceremony at FC Barcelona, he said, I did everything to stay here because I did not want to leave my home.

Now the club’s management is talking with Messi’s manager (Jorge Messi) to bring him back. Last week, he was here to discuss the details of the contract, but the meeting was unsuccessful.

Manchester City

Pep Guardiola’s boss has always wanted Messi to play for his team. Now that he is in Manchester City as a manager, he wants Messi in his squad. Guardiola is always open to the public when he wants to praise Messi.

They both share a strong bond; Messi and Pep Guardiola had worked together before when Messi was at FC Barcelona.


Last month, the news came out that Cristiano Ronaldo had joined the Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr. The player will be making a substantial yearly salary. Rumors have been floating in the market that Saudi Arabia wanted Messi to sign for Al-Hilal Club. They are opening their economy to international markets; they need global attention, which is the core reason for signing this superstar. The football clubs are state-owned by the Saudi government.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is bidding for the 2030 World Cup. They want to improve the country’s infrastructure during these 7 years to host the World Cup.

Inter Miami

The Major League Soccer (MSL) team Inter Miami wanted to sign Messi. Former England player David Beckham owns the club. A news report online says that if Messi accepts the contract, he will be the highest-paid player in the MSL.

Messi loves spending time in Miami, as he has been seen partying there with his family.

Newell’s Old Boys

The player started his sporting journey at Newell Old Boys, and Messi always wanted to play for this club because he has a lot of memories. He said he is still determining when this will happen. The club loved Messi so much that they paid tribute to him for winning the World Cup.

But the question is why Messi would join the MSL team, leaving top European clubs; if he wants to play in a minor league, he can join the Saudi Club and earn an excellent yearly salary.

Fans must wait 2-3 months for the final answer on where Messi is heading. 


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