Lifestyle of Lionel Messi From Rosario to Paris

Early life of Lionel Messi

He was born in 1987 in Hosanna in Santa Fe, Argentina. Their full name is Lionel Andrés Messi. Messi was very much interested in football from a young age. He started playing for a junior club at the age of seven. But this joy did not last long. At age 11, Messi was diagnosed with a hormonal problem that hindered his growth and was very expensive. His family was so broke that they could not afford Messi’s expensive treatment. His small club did not want to bear the cost of his treatment, and they refused the costly treatment. His only option was to find a donor who could give him the money for treatment.

Then the miracle happened: Barcelona’s junior team signed Messi, and the contract was signed on a paper napkin. Because the Barcelona coach was so impressed with Messi’s skills with the ball. The club has enormous funds. They invested heavily in him.

Since that move, he has broken all the records, and the world is amazed to see these results.

Messi’s life at FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona was the first place he played, and he broke world records. Messi’s house is only 12.4 miles from Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou. He chooses to stay in a luxury mansion. The home is located on top of a hill, providing the football star with a spectacular view of the city; on the other hand, it’s good for privacy. On break, he usually shares videos of his children playing in the big mansion or having a candlelight dinner with his wife.

The interior of the multi-million-dollar property looks very cosy and relaxing, perfect for rest after a hectic day at the field. On the other hand, the outdoor area has much space and a football pitch, and he even posted his youngest son’s first steps on Instagram.

Moreover, Messi’s neighbors had extensive families, and the Messi family complained about the noise from their house. Messi asked his manager to buy that house. So, in reality, Messi has no neighbors. The exact price of the property is unknown, but news reports say the cost is around 80–100 million dollars.

Messi is a car lover, so he bought an apartment in a luxury building that is 60 stories high and has a spectacular view of the sea. Messi’s neighbors in this building are multi-millionaires and businessmen. The duplex is 3229 square feet, and all the luxury amenities are in the flat. The floors of the flat are covered with the world’s most expensive marble. The apartment is spacious and has all the natural lighting coming in.

Messi also owns multiple properties around the world. Wherever the star player goes, his family can live peacefully.

Messi Cars collection

When it comes to cars, Lionel Messi has a vast collection, but the Argentina star likes more family-oriented cars.

Toyota pretest: $25,000

Mini Cooper for $30,000

Toyota S4W-Four $50,000

Audi Q7 for $60,000

Audi A7 for $69,000

Range Rover Sport for $500,000

Escalade for $80,000

Audi RS6 for $110,000

Range Rover Vogue for $200,000

Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale for $240,000

Pagani Zonda F for around $2 million.

1957 Ferrari 335S Spider for €432,000,000

Messi Brand Deals and Endorsements 

In addition to his soccer career, Messi runs a hotel company under the name MIM Hotels. This hotel chain consists of four separate locations. There’s a reason this hotel has five stars: it’s quite pricey. But, the high-end clients are quite happy by the service they receive moreover they say it exceeds their expectations.

His online clothes store, the Messi Store, is another of his side businesses. Tommy Hilfiger’s partnership with the shop is now in effect. The company’s Instagram has over 1.4 million followers, and it specializes in selling expensive goods. The store, as a whole, is doing well.

Messi also earns well for his social media presence through brand deals and sponsorships. The star has more than 500 million followers across multiple platforms. Messi charges around $2 million for a single post on Instagram, and Messi only posts for brands. Mostly, Messi’s management says no to most endorsement opportunities because they worry about the player’s image being damaged by these endorsements. 

As we all can agree, Messi has a beautiful look. The star is a poster boy for many multibillion-dollar brands, such as Mastercard, Turkish Airlines, Pepsi, Gatorade, Hawaii, Dossier, Cabana, and Gillette. But his primary sponsor is Adidas.

The contract between Messi and Adidas is one of his longest-running deals. It was signed in 2006 and is still in place. According to sources, the player will make over a billion dollars from this deal alone.

The Adidas marketing team had a gut feeling about the player. That is the core reason Messi has worked with them from day one. The main sponsor for the PSG team was Nike, but Messi did not follow the guidelines. The player still wears his Adidas daily at work and in his personal life.

He is the only player present in the world who is 35-years old and still has the same charismatic personality that most young footballer don’t have. 

Messi and his family have said that they occasionally experience awkwardness when they are spotted out in public. This is because the celebrity athlete cannot be left alone with their loved ones in any part of the world, even if they wish to spend time with them.

His wife is also a celebrity, with over 34 million Instagram followers. She also does sponsored posts, as she has a large audience on her social media. Currently, Messi has no real Facebook or Instagram profiles.

Messi’s children follow their father’s footsteps; they are very much in touch with football and play in children’s clubs. Messi shares a strong relationship with his family.





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