6 Greatest Comebacks in History of Football

In the world of football, there is nothing odd because a team can change the tide in a few minutes. Football fans will remember these matches.

5: Liverpool 3-3 Milan – 2005

It was the Champions League final back in 2005, and one of the most memorable events in football history.

Milan’s key player, Maldini, scored a goal within the first minute. Before halftime, Milan scored three goals, and this was a huge lead.

After halftime, Liverpool came in with power, and motivation can be seen on the players’ faces. Liverpool’s manager was Raffa Benitez, and the team captain was Steven Gerrard. Liverpool scored 3 goals and took the match into extra time.

But the match ended up in penalties, and Liverpool won the match and the title of the Champions League.

4- Boca Juniors; 4-5 River Plate—1972

Let’s dig way back in time to tell you about an interesting clash of Super Classic Rivalry. The match was between Boca Juniors and River Plate. Total goals were scored by both teams were 9, and it can simply be said that these are the highest goals per match in Super Classico Cup history.

The match started, and River scored around 2 goals in the first 9 minutes. Boca Juniors responded and scored 3 goals, but, in the end, River was successful in scoring 5 goals and created a great impact in the history of the game.

3: West Germany 3-2 Hungary—1954

In the previous 2 clashes, the main highlight was European. But the third one is also from Europe. It was the World Cup final. Eyes were on both teams; people were expecting that this would be a tough match. Both teams fought fiercely, and, in the end, Germany won the match with a 1-goal lead.

To date, Hungary remains the worst-losing finalist in the World Cup final.

2: Germany 4-4 Sweden—2012

It was a World Cup qualifying match, and everyone was surprised by the goals from both sides. The total number of goals scored in this match was 8, which was a draw.

Throughout the match, Sweden had the lead, but in the last 15 minutes, Germany changed the game by scoring 3 goals, and to this day, people remember this game. The game ended in a draw in the 93rd minute.

1: Barcelona 6-1 PSG – 2017

In 2017, Barcelona lost to PSG 0-4 in the first leg of the Champions League. FCB sought a miracle to win the game in the second lag.

But nobody knew that it was an FCB day. The game started, and Barcelona scored 3 goals, this boosted player morale. PSG scored only one goal in the second lag, but FCB scored 6 straight goals, which made them 6-5 and in aggregate, they won the game with 1 goal margin.

PSG fans went crazy, and to date, they feel ashamed of this game’s performance by PSG. It can be said that this is the worst performance by PSG in any Champions League game in the past 50 years. For Barcelona, it’s vice versa.


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