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25 Best Footballers of all Time.

The list is long get settled before you dive into the top 25 footballers list.

  1. Bobby Moore: 1964–1970

The captain of the English national team in 1966, when England won the world cup. Bobby also won the Ballon d’Or in 1970. He was also nominated as FIFA player of the century.

Winning the World Cup is a significant award and a dream for any player. Bobby is one of the players who has achieved that dream. The World Cup win for England would not have been possible without Bobby’s support. He was known as one of the greatest defenders and one of the best football captains.

The player has his statue installed outside Wembley Stadium.

24: Luka Modric Peak – 2014 – 2018 –

Luka Modric won the Ballon d’Or in 2018World despite Messi and Ronaldo being in the race for the award. He has been a great football player for a then decade and endednationalional career in 2022 after finishing in third place at the 2022 world Cup.

He also won five UEFA Champions League titles with Real Madrid. He played a crucial role in Madrid and for his home team as well.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or (1)

UEFA Men’s Best Player of the Year (1)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 2018 (1)

Champions League (5)

23: Peak Socrates (1976-1984), Brazil

Socrates is also known as the Che Guevara of football. He was an important man in the field and was known for his gallant attitude. He democratized the club’s system.

In the club’s decision-making process, he instituted a voting mechanism. Socrates was a chain smoker, yet despite this, he was really adept with the ball, and everyone adored him when he was on the field.

Major Accomplishments:

Campeonato Paulista (3).

1983 South American Footballer of the Year (1)

1976 Campeonato Paulista top scorer (1)

22: Lothar Matthaus, Peak: 1988–1992 (Germany)

Matthaus was the most complete player in football history. This athlete has a big ego, and in a way, it suits him because of his accomplishments.

A natural-born player with innate abilities. His most notable goal was scored against Yugoslavia in the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

Major Accomplishments:

1990 Ballon d’Or (1)

1991 FIFA World Player of the Year

1990 FIFA World Cup

UEFA Cups (2)

Bundesliga (7)

21: Ronaldinho, Brazil, 2004–2006

Ronaldinho played for more than ten years, but the year in which he made the most impact was 2004–2006, which made him the world’s most prominent player. To date, his performances have had a significant impact on games.

Everyone was watching Ronaldinho’s performance during this time period, which made him the face of every brand’s advertising.

When Messi came to Barcelona, Ronaldinho was the king at Barca at that time. He also had a significant influence on Messi, and to date, Messi acknowledges this.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or 2005 (1)

FIFA World Player of the Year 2004–2005 (2)

EFA Club Footballer of the Year 2006: (1)

World Cup 2002 (1)

UEFA Champions League (1)

La Liga titles (2)

Scudetto (1)

20: Ruud Gullit, 1986–1990, Netherlands

In the late 80s, Ruud was a great player, and everyone feared his attack on the football field. He was known as an unstoppable force in the area. He played for AC Milan and other dominant European football clubs.

Ruud won the Ballon d’Or in 1987, a jewel in the player’s crown.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or 1987:

Dutch Footballer of the Year (2)

UEFA European Championship 1988 (1)

European Cups (2)

KNVB Cup (1)

Scudetti (3)

Coppa Italia (1)

19: Bobby Charlton; 1963–67: England

Do you guys know Frank Lampard? Bobby is 1,000 times better than him. He played a very crucial role in England’s football team. People love to see when Bobby enters the field; the whole stadium chantsBobby, Bobby when he comes into a football stadium.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or, 1966 (1)

FIFA World Cup 1966 (1)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1966 (1)

Football League First Division titles: 3

18: Giuseooe Meazza, 1934–1938: Italy

Meazza is an Italian footballer. A stadium is also named after Meazza. Due to Meazza’s great action on the ball, people love Meazza. The Italian star is famous for his dribbling and ball control.

Major Accomplishments:

FIFA World Cup 1934–38 (2)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball (1934)

Scudetti (3)

Coppa Italia (1)

Capocannoniere (3)

17: Raymond Kopa, 1956–1959, France

Kopa is one of the best footballers still remembered in French football history. He was one of the few French footballers to win the Ballon d’Or in the 1960s.

He was also one of the players who steered Real Madrid to win three European Cups.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or 1958—1

French Player of the Year 1958 (1)

FIFA World Cup All-Star Team 1958 (1)

European Cups: (3)

La Liga: (2)

Ligue 1 (4).

16: Romario, Brazil, 1990–1994

Romario was a brilliant Brazilian footballer who scored over 1,000 goals in his career. He was one of the most composed and controlled players on the pitch.

Romario was one of the players who scored an el-Classico hat trick back in the 90s.

Major Accomplishments:

FIFA World Player of the Year 1994 (1)

FIFA World Cup 1994 (1)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1994:

World Cup All-Star Team

Copa America (2)

La Liga (1)

Eredivisie (3)

Pichichi 1994:1

15: Eusebio, Portugal, 1962–1968

Eusebio is somewhat like Romario, but he was unable to complete his 1,000-goal streak. He was a few goals away from 1,000 goals when his career ended.

Eusebio was a vital player in Portugal’s World Cup victory in 1966. In a match against North Korea, the opponent team had a three-goal lead; at a later stage in the game, Eusebio was sent to play, and after he joined, he changed the game. He is the sole player who was responsible for making North Korea lose.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or 1965 (1)

European Golden Boot 1966 (1)

European Cup 1962

Primeira Liga (11)

Taca de Portugal (5)

14: Marco Van Basten, 1988–1992, Netherlands

Marco is one of the players who was able to win three Ballon d’Or in the 1990s. He was sometimes referred to as the Messi of the 1990s. Due to his excellent height, Marco scored headers, right-footed goals, and even volley goals.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or, 1988,89,92 – (3)

FIFA World Player of the Year 1992 (1)

UEFA Best Player of the Year (3)

Dutch Footballer of the Year (1)

Capocannoniere (2)

UEFA European Championship (2)

European Cups (2)

Scudetti (3)

Eredivisie (3)

KNVB Cups (3)

13: Geroge Best, 1966–1971, England

George is the most astounding footballer with the most swag on this list. George was considered a fashion icon in Europe. He was a footballer with natural talent who impacted the game.

At the peak of his career, George won the Ballon d’Or and most of the European trophies.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or 1968:

FWA Footballer of the Year 1968 (1)

Football League First Division top scorer 1968 (1)

European Cup 1968 (1)

Football League First Division (2)

12 – Zico – 1979 – 1982 – Brazil

Zico is a great player who is popular among football fans. Zico is a genius who saw a game differently, and with his sheer skills, he even changed the game. To date, people remember Zico as the best player who made people love this beautiful game.

Major Accomplishments:

Bola de Prata (5)

South American Footballer of the Year (3)

top scorer in Flamengo’s history

Copa Libertadores’s Best Player, 1981 (1)

Copa Libertadores 1981 (1)

Intercontinental Cup 1981 (1)

Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A (3)

11: Franco Baresi, Italy (1987–1994).

Franco had a long career that lasted for about 20 years. He was a defender on the team and still made our Top 30 list due to his defensive skills.

Franco played a key defensive role in the AC Milan team. He was runner-up in the race for the Ballon d’Or award.

Major Accomplishments:

AC Milan Player of the Century (1)

Serie A Player of the Century (1)

FIFA World Cup 1982 (1)

Scudetti (6)

European Cups (3)

Intercontinental Cups (2)

10: Roberto Baggio, 1990–1994 (Italy)

At number ten on our list is Roberto Baggio. He was a player who was in high demand in the 1990s. Roberto received the Ballon d’Or, football’s prestigious award, in 1993.

The Italian supporters applauded his name as he entered the stadium, and the player was star-struck for Italy’s football squad.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or 1993:

FIFA World Player of the Year 1993

Italy’s Player of the Century (1993–1)

FIFA World Cup Silver Ball 1994:

FIFA World Cup runner-up 1994:

Scudetti: (2)

UEFA Cup (1)

9: Michel Platini, 1982–1985, France

Platini is famous for his skills with the ball. He was also remembered as the UEFA Championship president. He is the best player, which is 200 times better than everyone else on the list.

Michel Platini is the world’s best goal-scoring midfielder of all time.

Yes! He is the only player in history to have won the Ballon d’Or three times in a row.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or: (3)

French Player of the Century (2)

Capocannoniere (3)

UEFA European Championship Player of the Tournament

UEFA European Championship (1)

European Cup (1)

Scudetti (2)

Ligue 1 (1)

Coppa Italia (1)

Intercontinental Cup (1)

8: Cristiano Ronaldo (2012–2016)

Ronaldo is not only a footballer on this list but also a rich model with a net worth of more than $600 million.

r the years was the result of Cristiano Ronaldo’s hard work. Hcomese owner of multiple brands and owns a hotel chain. He belongs from a very humble family; all the wealth and fame he accumulated over the years was the result of Cristiano Ronaldo’s hard work of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker won almost everything except the World Cup title. The player has scored more than 800 goals for different clubs and the Portugal national team.

Major Accomplishments:

Highest-scoring footballer of all time (1)

Ballon d’Or (5)

FIFA World Player of the Year (3)

UEFA Best Player in Europe Award (3)

European Golden Shoe (4)

UEFA Champions League all-time top goalscorer (1)

La Liga (2)

Premier League (3).

Scudetti (2)

Copa del Rey (2)

UEFA European Championship (1)

7: Zinedine Zidane, 1998–2002, France

When Zinedine was playing with the ball, many commentators said he was an artist. Yes! He is the player who uses his head to beat people who do not agree with him. He was famous for his unique and aggressive style on the pitch.

Nonetheless, the player is remembered for scoring three World Cup final goals.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or (1)

FIFA World Player of the Year (3)

UEFA Club Footballer of the Year (1)

L’Equipe: Best French Player of All Time (1)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1

most goals in FIFA World Cup finals: 1.

Intercontinental Cup (1)

Scudetti (2)

6: Ronaldo, Brazil, 1995-1998

You might confuse this Ronaldo with the other one on the list, but he belongs to Brazil. The player was so good with the ball that he broke multiple records; there is no doubt that he would have been the best in the world, but his career was cut short due to a knee injury.

Ronaldo was flawless in the 1990s. However, due to a knee injury, he was unable to continue his career. But still, he left a great legacy.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or (2)

FIFA World Player of the Year (3)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1

Copa America (2)

Pichichi (2)

La Liga (2)

Copa del Rey (1)

UEFA Cup (1)

Intercontinental Cup (1)

5: Johan Cruyff, 1971–1975, Dutch

A Dutch football player changed the game’s rules, disrupting mainstream football.

The most influential footballer who made a significant contribution to the game Johan is always available to his teammate for advice. He was a three-time Dutch footballer of the year, and he has won numerous individual awards.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or (3)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1

Dutch Footballer of the Year (3)

Dutch Sportsman of the Year (2)

European Cups (3)

La Liga (1)

Eredivisie (9)

Copa del Rey (1)

KNVB Cup (6)

Intercontinental Cup (1)

4: Franz Beckenbauer, 1966–1976: Germany

Only a few Germans are on this list of the top 25 footballers, and Franz is one of them.

He was the man who was behind the German victory in the late 1960s. We must remember that he was the defender who won the Ballon d’Or. Furthermore, he won the Ballon d’Or twice.

Major Accomplishments:

Ballon d’Or (2)

FIFA World Cup All-Time Team (1)

FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award (1)

German Footballer of the Year (4)

FIFA World Cup (1)

UEFA European Championships (1)

European Cups (3)

Bundesliga (5)

Intercontinental Cup (1)

3: Pele (1958–1964), Brazil

Yes, we are now down to the top three on the list. The player you all have been waiting for If you have ever watched a glimpse of the game, you know the name Pele.

Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people of the twentieth century. He steered Brazil to three World Cup victories.

Pele was a great team manager as well as a great footballer. People who watched football in the 1960s remember him, and the current generation admires his accomplishments as well.

Major Accomplishments:

FIFA Player of the Century

France Football’s Most Excellent (1,

Time’s “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century” list

Brazil’s all-time leading goalscorer

Santos’ all-time leading goalscorer

youngest FIFA World Cup winner

FIFA World Cup, top goalscorer in FIFA World Cup finals (2)

Copa Libertadores (2)

Intercontinental Cups (2)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1

FIFA World Cup Best Young Player

2: Diego Maradona, 1985–1990, Argentina

Diego is the world’s most complete player. He won matches in all formats. He was considered the best player until the 2022 World Cup.

Maradona is the player who lifted his team and scored two goals in the World Cup final, which helped his team win the cup. Fans were astounded by how he scored goals in the World Cup championship.

Even today, the Argentina team honors Diego Maradona.

Major Accomplishments:

Corriere Dello Sport’s Best Athlete in History (1)

FIFA World Cup (1)

FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 1

Serie A Footballer of the Year (1)

FIFA World Cup All-Time Team (1)

FIFA Goal of the Century

Scudetti (2)

Coppa Italia (1)

Copa del Rey (1)

UEFA Cup (1)

1: Lionel Messi, 2009–2012, Argentina

Messi is also known as the greatest of all time. He is currently ranked number one on the top 25 list.

In 2022, during the World Cup, people prayed that Messi should win this World Cup as this was his last World Cup. People love him due to his humility and passion for football.

Every day on Twitter and Facebook, millions of people write about him. The player has natural talent and passion for the game. He is so good with the ball that people say watching Messi with the ball is better than watching sex. That makes the player so unique.

He is currently playing in France for PSG. In 2018, Pele said that Messi could not score with his right foot. In 2023, he completed his 100 right-foot goals. That makes the player exceptional.

Major Accomplishments:

Copa America (1)

Copa del Rey (7).

La Liga (9)

Champions Leagues (4)

European Golden Shoe winner (4)

La Liga Player of the Year (7)

UEFA Men’s Player of the Year (2)

Most goals scored in a calendar year: 1

Pichichi (6)

Barcelona’s all-time top goal scorer

FIFA World Player of the Year (1)

Ballon d’Or (7)




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