In a recent interview, Messi sent a solid message to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans this year, he will play at his best level and prove it to the people. He also assured me that this year is the year of winnings. Last season he hit multiple times to the poles, and the goal was stopped, but this year we will change the game assured by Messi.

He only scored 4 goals and 14 assists, created a little impact but in the end, he managed to win the title. He also stated that he has no plans to leave PSG any time soon. He is having good time at PSG its like a new home in Europe.

Messi also commented on his national team plans

This is going to be my last world cup and I will retire after Qatar world cup. This is only chance for me to lift the world cup. Argentina’s management also hinted that this is his last world cup.

He is practising hard to win the world cup 2022, and people worldwide are praying for Messi. This year he is already 35 years old. He also hinted that he might play in the next world cup, but this all depends on how this world cup season goes.

The timing of Messi’s fitness routine is also increased so he can achieve his goals.

Lets see what will happen!!! A tough year ahead.


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